How do you make foaming soap?

Foaming soap dispensers were invented about 15 years ago by a Dutch company called Airspray.

The best way for consumers to get a foaming soap dispenser is to buy one at a retail store. Some empty foamers are sold, but most come with soap already in them.

My personal favorite in the US are the foamers from a company called Method. Their foamers are available for $3-4 from most Target stores.

The solution for foaming soap is far more dilute than regular liquid soaps. If you start with a solution 10% liquid soap and 90% distilled water, you will be pretty close. I recommend distilled water because you’ll get consistent repeatable results with that. Foaming soap is always white; the only reason you’ll get some other color is if the soap is over-concentrated.

You CANNOT make foaming soap from a lotion. It will not work. If you try, the lotion will splatter and sputter.

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