What are foam soap dispensers?

In essence, the foaming soap dispenser is simply a specialized pump for liquid soap that is operated by hand. Simply press into the pump nozzle and the soap comes out in a foamed state. There are, however, several concepts behind this device, each one geared towards minimizing bathroom time and maximizing bathroom hygiene and aestheticism.

First, the foaming soap dispenser keeps all the soap in a bottle that is easy to transport and refill. This is a significant step up from bar soap, which people not only share but as said before, also leaves residue when left unused for some time. Also, some liquid refills come in different colors, usually corresponding to their scents. When used with transparent plastic or glass bottles, this allows you to use even your foaming soap dispenser as a display piece, a part of the mix and match of colors in your bathroom.

Secondly, note that a foaming soap dispenser is unique in the sense that it does not only dispense the soap as is, but injects air into the liquid as it pumps it out, therefore foaming the soap. This may be simply a side effect of the pump, but in reality it is founded on a sound theory: when soap is already foamy by the time it reaches your hands, then less time and water will be needed in order to lather it up. Absurdly simple, yes, but it is this simplicity that makes a foaming soap dispenser such a clever piece of engineering.

Foam soap dispensers

Bothered with which foaming dispenser to use? No need to fret on this, since these convenient little devices are available in a huge number of different forms and makes. Those using them for busy bathroom areas such as those of restaurants and other public places may opt for the cheap and easier to clean (but no less effective) ones made out of plastic and metal, while those wanting a dispenser or two for their houses may opt for a sleeker, more stylized look with glass or ceramic. Plus, these dispensers are cheap for the convenience they give. In a nutshell, this is what a foaming soap dispenser is: simple, convenient, effective and inexpensive.

In UK there is a company that makes foam soap dispensers. Its called Initial.

Initial modular wall mounted soap dispensers come with a range of features that make it the preferred choice in many washrooms across the UK. You can choose to fill your soap dispenser with Initial’s range of scented liquid soap or foam soap.

Soap Dispenser Design

Our soap dispenser’s simple design is compact and comes in a range of finishes to suit your washroom style. The clean lines and integrated pusher means it is easy to wipe down and very difficult for bacteria to cling to

High Soap Capacity

With a 1Litre soap capacity it can easily service around 1000 washroom users before the soap cartridges need to be changed.

Locking system

For schools, colleges, universities or anywhere with a risk of vandalism the locked cover ensures the soap can not be tampered with and remains hygienic.

Initial Modular Soap Dispenser Benefits

  • Soap dispenser cover acts as the pusher that eliminates the need for a lever, handle or button making it extremely simple to operate with minimum effort – even with one hand
  • Push rather than pull operation reduces the risk of the dispenser being pulled off the wall
  • Neat and compact soap dispenser means it doesn’t take up too much room
  • Choice of liquid or foam soap refills depending on user preference
  • A number of different foam or liquid soap refills are available including an anti-bac option in each
  • Foam soap is available on a serviced basis whilst liquid soap is available on both a serviced and non-serviced basis
  • Cover locks on closure, ensuring soap cannot be tampered with and remains hygienic

Modular Soap Dispenser Dimensions: H 25 cm x W 11.5 cm x D 11 cm

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